C Shaped- Premium Multi-Position Contoured Body Pillow with Zippered Cover

C Shaped- Premium Multi-Position Contoured Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow with Zippered Cover

For The Queen Of Your Home: Designed For Sleeping Comfort During Pregnancy!

After the initial pregnancy uneasiness subsides, it’s time to handle the sleep patterns for the next 9 months. Being pregnant is not the easiest to handle.

Right from restless leg syndrome to back pain it’s a stress for the pregnant woman. With many products flooding the market, it’s difficult to stumble on and settle for the perfect pillow.

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Without exploring one would settle for a set of 4 or 8 pillows to manage the pregnancy but the search opens up many other choices.

The search opens up the options available for women to celebrate pregnancy by reducing the pains during it. Some of the best maternity pillows to use during pregnancy are available for women.

The pillows come in J Shaped and U Shaped. One such is the C Shaped- Premium Multi-Position Contoured Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow with Zippered Cover, which is considered as the pregnant woman’s best friend and cuddly bear.

The pillow comes perfectly packed, vacuumed and compressed. The pillow case is 27.5″x55″ in size. This pillow will be enough for the queen size bed in your home. It’s time to cuddle the pillow. It’s time for play and relaxation on the bed once again with your spouse!

Who can use this pillow?

  • 100% necessity for pregnant women during all months
  • Men and women suffering from stiff back and neck pain
  • Anyone who wishes to have an uninterrupted sleep
  • Men and women who move around in bed frequently. This could help them sleep stable
  • Perfect night without leg spasms or stiff necks

The Close-Up Picture:
Looking at the pillow, it is noticeably designed to support the spine and the tummy. The pillow is C shaped and is a total hugger from head to toe.

The pillow is designed for convenience, safety and comfort of the person using it. This is also called as the “Nest” by many women who have used it. It is known for the following features:

  • Zippered Cover, convenient to wash
  • Designed to reduce pressure on the body and let it relax
  • Perfect height for the neck
  • This fits well for 5ft to 6ft people
  • Fluffed pillow remains firm for a longer duration
  • Supports back and neck pretty well
  • Has control over the knee and keeps them in place
  • 100% polyester
  • Both men and women can use it
  • Used for comfortable sleeping
  • Recommended cure for sciatica, fibromyalgia, heartburn, carpal tunnel and nasal congestion
  • Highly recommended for everyone with back pain
  • Available in White color only

How can the pillow be used?

  • The two contoured legs allow sleeping on the back and on the side.
  • The pillow can be tucked between the knees
  • The head can be elevated
  • Helps relieve strain on joints when hip is aligned
  • Can be used while reading books


The C Shaped Zippered pillow can be your cuddling friend and help you get the best sleep in a long time. This is a wise choice to make if you suffer from back or neck pain and are pregnant. This could be:

  • Single zippered pillow covers the purpose of 4 pillows
  • Great support during pregnancy
  • Ultimate for back pain and neck pain
  • Can be used for reading
  • SpaciousD
  • Spacious to fit into the C shape even during the trimester
  • Comfortable and resolves pregnancy related pains/issues
  • Soft and firm, ideal to sleep on.
  • Zippered cloth fits the pillow perfectly, helping in removal and attaching every time.


Every product has its cons attached. This one has it too:

  • Sometimes the packaging can cause displeasure. Be careful to purchase from a verified/trusted seller
  • The stinky chemical smell of the new product can last a week sometimes causing immense irritation.
  • Some products can be extremely stiff and lumpy, causing more discomfort to the sleeper.
  • The product is large and consumes huge space on the bed.
  • Beware, if you are around 5ft or lesser. This could cause more soreness.
  • Presently available only in white color.
  • Frequent wash might be required.

Note: Keep your eyes open, if you are ordering this online. Ensure that your purchase is from verified sellers like Amazon. Ensure that the product suits your need.

Verdict: If you are suffering from multiple body pains, with or without pregnancy, then this is the ideal option for you! Keep an eye on the details seen and match it with the product received.

This soft and firm pillow can be the savior during pregnancy or it can cause soreness. Ensure you check how this suits you as it could differ for each and every individual! If sleeping is bliss, this could be the choice to enjoy heaven on this earth!

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