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Review of the Best Pregnancy Pillow 2017

Pregnancy has the power to deprive a woman from sound and peaceful sleep. As a matter of fact, comfort can be a struggle for upcoming mothers.

The excess weight combined with body pains and ache scan pose considerable challenge for comfortable sleeping during bedtime.

Pregnancy pillows can make a world of difference over here. They provide great support to the back, belly, hips, knees and neck during sleep so that one doesn’t get up with a sore or painful body. Basically, pregnancy pillows make bedtime more comfortable for pregnant women.

Best Pregnancy Pillow

Comparison of the Best 10 Pregnancy/Maternity Pillow of 2017

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Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow

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All pregnancy pillows are not the same. They differ in size, quality, material, style and shapes. You can mold or position some of them as per your needs and preferences to support your growing belly, back and other major areas of discomfort.

So, it’s important to consider these factors while purchasing a pregnancy pillow. Also, you need to determine the best type of pregnancy pillow for your body.

You should know if C or U shaped pregnancy pillow will work best for you. So, let’s review C shaped and U shaped pregnancy pillows to find the right pillow for your body.

The Importance of Pregnancy Pillows

Comfort U Pillow -For Total Body Support

From hormone changes to food cycles, pregnancy turns a women’s life around. As pregnancy advances, most women suffer from sleep problems.

Goes without saying, the regular pillows do no good to support the back or the belly. Instead of putting one’s body to extreme test, it’s advisable to get a pregnancy pillow as a sleeping companion to enjoy a pain free and super comfortable sleeping experience.

Most pregnancy pillows are shaped in accordance to the curves of a pregnant body. The ergonomic design of a pregnancy pillow is such that it reduces the stress applied by the belly on the shoulders, back, neck and waist.

Basically, maternity pillows are meant to offer great comfort and support during sleep.Today, the market is flooded with loads of different sizes, types, brand sand styles of maternity body pillow.

While some of them work great, most others are a complete waste of money. The information below will let you know everything about pregnancy pillows.

Also, you will be introduced to the best pregnancy pillows available in the market today. To begin with, let’s have a look at the four major types of pregnancy pillows available out there in the market to help you make the right choice.

Full Length Pregnancy Pillows

The Snoogle Chic Jersey - Snoogle Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

Also known as “Total Body Pillows”,these pillows offer most support to the belly and the knees. The average length of such pillows is along the length of one’s body with a “C” shape that allows a woman to completely wrap it around herself. They are great to cuddle.

The fact that it’s a single unit, it will hold its place throughout the sleeping duration. Since they cover the whole body, no separate pillow would be needed if you were to invest in a full length pregnancy pillow. That being said, it takes more room in the bed and it’s not ideal for back sleepers.

Wedge Pregnancy Pillows

These maternity pillows are smaller in size and they are mainly used to support the back and the belly. They can slide perfectly under your belly or back to ease the tension on the back. Unlike full body pillows, wedge pregnancy pillows won’t take much space on your bed.

Also, they can be easily carried while travelling and they are inexpensive too. The only downside to these pillows is that they do not support all areas of the body.

Bean Shaped Pregnancy Pillows

Unlike other pregnancy pillows out there, bean shaped pillows come with adjustable straps at each end. While one end is placed at the back, the opposite end is placed at the stomach.

The attached straps ensure that the pillows stay in position during sleep, while supporting the back and the belly at the same time.

Simple pregnancy Pillows

These maternity body pillow mainly provide support to the uterus of a pregnant woman.Basically, they are regular sized two pillows that are combined vertically to be placed on the back side to avoid a pregnant woman from sleeping flat on her back.

How to choose the best pregnancy pillow?

C Shaped- Premium Multi-Position Contoured Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow with Zippered Cover

There are numerous factors that need to be considered in order to choose the best pregnancy pillow. Let’s have a look at the major factors over here to help you invest your money on the right pregnancy pillow.


What goes into the pregnancy pillow is about as vast as the various nutrients included in a protein supplement.So, you need to choose the right material.

Ideally, you should check for fullness and comfort. Also, you need to see if the material is firm and abundant. Goes without saying, empty spots in between will not provide good support.

One’s best bet would be to consider pillows made of foam because it will not lose its shape and they are comfy enough.

Ease of Cleaning

Pregnancy pillows will absorb a lot of sweat. Plus, there can be milk and other food spills once the baby is born. So, cleaning them can be a challenging task.Therefore, one is advised to consider pillows that come with zippers or buttons. Also, one should choose light weight fabrics that are easy to wash.

Level of Support

Not all pregnancy pillows offer full body support. While some support the back and the belly, there are others that support the knees too.

It’s advisable to invest on a pregnancy pillow that offers maximum support to those body parts that cause most pain or muscle tension.


The pillow dimensions cannot be taken for granted over here. The dimensions such as the length, width and the height of pillows differ.

That being said, most maternity pillows are sold in regular sizes so they should fit most standard beds. However, those with large body size should consider a king size bed to support the oversized pillows in order to easily support the whole body without shifting one’s partner to the bed’s corner.

That being said, medium sized pillows should easily fit queen sized beds. So, depending upon the size and type of the ordered pregnancy pillows, make sure that you have the right bed to best fit the pillow in order to enjoy a good sleep.

Body types and Sleeping Positions

Finally, sleeping positions and body types needs to be given due consideration as well in order to choose the right pregnancy pillow. So, let’s have a look at best recommended pregnancy pillows suitable for your sleeping position and body type.

Pregnancy Pillow For plus sized women

C shape pregnancy pillows are considered the best for plus sized women because of its asymmetrical shape that enables one to position the pillow around one’s body comfortably.

Best Pregnancy Pillow for twins Best Pregnancy Pillow for twins

U shaped pregnancy pillows are ideal for mothers expecting twins or more.

Since the tummy size would be larger than the normal tummy, the U shaped pillow will provide much needed support over here.

For those sleeping on the side

For side sleepers, there is wide number of options out there since it is comfortable and convenient to sleep on the side during pregnancy.

For those sleeping on the back

Post trimester, pregnant women are not recommended to sleep on their back. However, some habitual back sleepers tend to roll over and sleep on their back during sleep. For such individuals, Back ‘n Belly and Snoogle are the best recommended pregnancy pillows.

Best pregnancy pillows

Good pillows will last even after the pregnancy is over. They will hold their shape and can be reused for several years.Below is the list of best pregnancy pillows available in the market today.

Best C-shaped pregnancy pillow

C Shaped- Premium Multi-Position Contoured Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow with Zippered Cover

Perfect for relaxing and sleeping, C shaped pregnancy pillows have garnered widespread interest over the years. C shaped pillows can be cuddled around the body. They are designed to support one’s entire body during sleep.

The lower end of the pillow comes between one’s legs for assistance, while the middle part goes around the back to support the vertebrae.

This eases the tension from the spine, which usually happens due to the baby’s weight on the belly.

The top end of the pillow is placed under one’s head to support one’s shoulders and neck.

Basically, the upper curved end allows you to rest your head and back, while the lower curved end that goes between your legs supports your hip, belly and legs to provide a perfect night’s sleep.

Compared to U shaped pillows, C shaped pillows are smaller in size.

So, those who do not own a big bed or want to travel with their pregnancy pillow may consider C shaped pillows over U shaped pillows since they are not very bulky.

Moreover, they are less expensive than U shaped pillows.

The main thing to consider over here is the kind of support you expect from the pregnancy pillow. U-shaped pillows will provide steady, full-body support to your back for the entire sleeping duration.

On the other hand, you will have to shift the pillow when you change sleeping positions if you were to consider a C shaped pillow. So, C shaped pillows are recommended for those who do not change their sleeping positions too often during sleep.

Best C Shaped Pillows Available Online


Today, the market is flooded with a wide variety of C shaped and U shaped pregnancy pillows. While some are worth dime a dozen, many of the mare absolute waste of money.

Below is the list of three C shaped and U shaped pillows we found most popular with a complete review. Let’s begin with the three best C shaped pillows available online.

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow is a great pillow for ensuring healthy and comfortable sleep during pregnancy.

The patented design was created by a Registered Nurse and mother.
Unlike conventional body pillows that are flat and straight, Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow will contour your body to provide perfect support.

It’s one of the top recommended pillows out there. The horseshoe formation of the pillow provides optimum support to one’s back, hip, stomach and neck.

Made from 100% polyester, it provides good temperature control to keep one comfy and cool. The cover has a zipper attached to it for easy removal.

One simply needs to unzip and peel the cover off for an easy machine wash. The pillow is found helpful for sleeping even after pregnancy, especially for relaxation and breastfeeding once the baby is born.

Another cool feature of this pregnancy pillow is the clever design of the headrest. It’s designed in such a manner that it allows one to easily adjust one’s position and height.

Therefore, it can prove to be of great help for those struggling with heart burn or acid reflux during pregnancy. It’s not of the cheapest pregnancy pillows out there.

It’s expensive than the pillows that you find in your regular departmental store. The superior level of comfort combined with cool features and great protection against body pain and aches makes it worth the cost.

Therefore, this pillow is one of the highly rated pillows out there in the market. That being said, it’s pretty big so it does require a lot of space.

C Shaped- Premium Multi-Position Contoured Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow

This pregnancy pillow will allow you to sleep on your back, on your side or any other position you are comfortable with. Customer reviews found online suggest that the pillow is extremely plush and soft which makes it great for cuddling.

The unique shape and design offers perfect support to one’s back and tummy. As you may know, these two areas experience the most pressure during pregnancy and this pillow takes care of them effectively.

Moreover, the pillow also reduces the strain caused on other prominent body parts such as one’s knees, hips and shoulders.

The inner contour of the pillow follows our spine’s curvature, thereby providing solid support to our back. You will no longer wake up with agonizing back pain.

Moreover, this pregnancy pillow is bestowed with the ability to eradicate cases of nasal congestion and also control heartburns.

The pillow covers are easily removable since they come with zippers. So, washing the cover with a machine should not be a big deal since the pillow casing is pretty easy to remove.

The only downside to this product is its large size. Since it has to accommodate the whole body, it will demand a lot of space in your bed. It will best fit a queen or king size bed.

Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper Pillow Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper

Leachco Snoogle Mini compact side sleeper pillow is a relatively small and convenient maternity pillow.

It is perfect for those who do not want to use large pillows for support.

It weighs less than three pounds and the material used is polyester. It basically targets three most important body parts, the head, hips and the back.

The pillow ensures that the hip stays aligned in a neutral position to reduce stress from major body parts. It’s designed in a manner to align with the body’s natural shape.

The pillow preserves the natural heat of one’s body and thereby keeps the body warm during the entire sleeping duration.

Moreover, it can be used after pregnancy as well for nursing purposes. The pillow can be easily shifted to suit different sleeping positions and the small size makes it easy to wash as well.

The downside to this pillow is that there is no neck support. However, you can use the regular pillows for neck support.

Overall, it’s a great option for mothers at any month of pregnancy. Easy to carry while travelling, this compact pillow can prove to be a great investment for someone looking for a pleasing, light weight and comfortable sleeping companion during pregnancy.

The Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow is one of the best-selling C-shaped pregnancy pillows out there. It does a great job of supporting the back, neck, tummy and hips.

The removable cover makes it easy to wash. Although it does require space, its big size makes it suitable for one and all.It’s manufactured in USA and uniquely designed to contour a woman’s changing body from first to third trimester.

The good quality and comfortable material makes it highly durable too. The only major drawback is that the pillow is too big to be carried while travelling.

U Shaped Pregnancy Pillows

With clever ergonomic design, U shaped pregnancy pillows come in the shape of a giant “U”. They provide full body support during sleep.

Therefore, they are said to be a perfect sleep solution for expecting moms suffering from swollen legs, painful joints, hip and lower back discomfort. For those looking for complete body support, this pillow can prove to be a great choice.

Since this pregnancy pillow is versatile, it can be used in a number of different sleeping positions.

The fact that most pregnant women do not remain in a single position for the entire sleeping duration, U shaped pillows are considered over C shaped pillows because U shaped pillows allow movement during sleep.

So, it’s suitable for someone who changes position very often during sleep. One doesn’t have to re-adjust the pillow while changing positions during sleep.

One just rolls over within the pillow, re-tucks within the knees and continuous with the sound sleep. The design allows it to follow the natural contours of the body so it is also a perfect choice for those women who tend to sleep on their back.

That being said, the large pillow size demands extra space. So, it’s advisable to get a king size bed if you were to bring home a U shaped pregnancy pillow.

Best U Shaped Pillows Available Online

Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow

Leachco Back 'N Belly Chic Pillow with Easy On- Off Zippered Cover

Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow has a big U shape design with contoured legs that enables one to lie on either side or one’s back.

Moreover, the pillow can be tucked between one’s knees to elevate one’s head in order to ease heartburn.

It’s mainly designed to support the back and the belly at the same time, allowing expecting moms to enjoy a perfect night sleep without the need of using variety of different pillows.

The unique design makes it reversible. Basically, it’s double sided for good head support. By ensuring natural position, it aligns one’s hips, thereby relieving stress from one’s joints.

Apart from sleeping comfort, Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow provide great relief form gastric reflux, carpal tunnel, nasal congestion and sciatica.

The material used is polyester and it offers great warmth, coziness and comfort. The fact that it’s a bit bulky, it leaves no room for a standard bed and very little room on a queen size bed. So, a king size bed would be ideal for this pregnancy pillow.

Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow

Manufactured by Moonlight Slumber, Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow has received loads of positive reviews online from customers across.

The pillow is very comfortable on the pregnant body and it can be easily molded to provide comfort to the whole body. Some customer reviews suggest that it can help one get rid of body pain to a great extent.

The cotton manufacturing makes one rest comfortably from head to toe. Fusion fiber makes it cozy, fluffy and soft. It delivers the extent of satisfaction that is not achieved through regular pregnancy pillows.

As opposed to other pregnancy pillows, one won’t experience clumping and lumping issues in Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow.

Overall, Comfort-U pillow continues to be a very popular sleeping solution with upcoming mothers. Therefore, this product finds a place in our list of recommendations.

Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow Today's Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow

Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow is one of the largest pregnancy pillows out there in the market.

The large size and soft material provides greater level of comfort.

The adjustments are said to be perfect enough to suit the body curves. Moreover, the large size holds the mom’s weight quite effectively and comfortably making one feel extremely light.

The maker behind the product is Today’s Mom, a well-known name in the industry. They enjoy a good reputation in the market for creating high quality pregnancy pillows for upcoming moms.

The best part about Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow is that it allows full body positioning in order to provide complete rest and superior level of comfort to all body parts.

The pillow can be used after pregnancy too for breastfeeding and nursing. It can serve as an excellent back cushion too for those suffering from back issues.

Also, it’s easy to wash and clean this pregnancy pillow once the external cover is taken off. Although the price is a little on the high end, the supreme features and comfort makes it well worth the investment.

Bottom Line

Make sure to consider quality over price with regards to pregnancy pillow.After all, health care of the mother and the child cannot be taken for granted.

A quality product will prove to be cost-effective in the long run.Fortunately, we have done most of the ground work for you by reviewing some of the top pregnancy pillows out there. The above reviewed products are some of the best available in the market today.

Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow

Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow is said to be one of the best U-shaped maternity pillows in the market. The pillow contours ensure proper alignment of the head, back, hip and stomach. Moreover, the U shape provides proper body support and ensures no pain or stress on any body part.

The best part is that the pillow ends can be reversed for a double decker support for one’s head. The material used is a blend of polyester and cotton for a comfortable and cozy feel. The only drawback is that it’s not suitable for small beds. It’s best suitable for queen sized beds.

Best wedge pregnancy pillow

Boppy Petite Trellis Grey is a compact and portable wedge pregnancy pillow that is not only light in weight but also inexpensive at the same time.

It’s a firm pillow that offers great cushioning for the back and belly. It’s easy to wash and to carry while travelling.

The best part is that the pillow is firm enough to hold the tummy’s weight but soft enough to provide a soft and comfortable sleeping experience.

Best Full size Pregnancy Pillow

One of the best reviewed products out there,“Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow”can cradle a pregnant lady from head to toe by easily molding itself to the shape of one’s body for maximum support and comfort.

Prepared from Fusion Fiber, it offers high heat resistance, while being soft and comfy at the same time. The design of the pillow offers great flexibility, thereby making it a perfect pillow for almost all sleeping positions.

Moreover, the pillow is big enough to support both sides of one’s body. All the fiber strands are polished so that they move against each other quite easily to evade clumping.

Made from white polyester or cotton fabric, it can be washed and dried easily. Most customer reviews suggest that the product is soft, fluffy and hypoallergenic.

Best oversized pregnancy pillow

Exclusively made to support the full body, “Total Body Pregnancy Pillow- Full Support” comes with zippered pockets for an easy wash.

It’s made from 100% polyester fiber to offer great support and comfortable sleeping experience. The soft texture ensures a very blissful undisturbed sleep.

Since it covers the whole body, it provides relief from stress or pain that may occur from the neck, back, tummy or knees.

Combined with a 1 year warranty and good body support, this oversized pregnancy pillow is said to be one of the best out there.

As a matter of fact, it’s one of the highly rated pregnancy pillows on Amazon. It’s amongst the few oversized pillows that are very comfortable to use.

Snoogle Chic Jersey – Snoogle Total Body Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Knit Easy on-off Zippered Cover – Heather Gray

With large size and C shape design, this pillow supports the entire body.It’s a uniquely made pregnancy pillow that matches a pregnant women’s body contour and shape.

Therefore, this pregnancy pillow is suitable for just about anyone out there. Basically, it can be cuddled for comfort as it follows the natural position of the body.

It hugs the body and supports one’s hip, stomach and back. The fabric is soft and durable too. The zippered covers can be removed for an easy wash with hand or by machine.

This pregnancy pillow is also recommended by chiropractor for those women suffering from back and neck pain.

Also, the pillow can be used to support the baby while breastfeeding. It’s made in the United States and is available in contemporary grey color. So, it will work well with almost all color schemes.

Best pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers

Earthlite Pregnancy Cushion is said to be the perfect sleeping companion for those pregnant women who tend Earthlite Pregnancy Cushionto sleep on their stomach.

Comfortable and sleek, this pregnancy pillow can be used in all stages of pregnancy.

It’s ideal for those who are suffering from lower back pain and those who have undergone breast surgery lately.

Customer reviews found online suggest that the cushion is highly durable.

It’s said to be great for those in the healing profession too such as massage, spa, chiropractors, and physical therapists.

This pregnancy pillow is manufactured by EarthLite who are known globally as one of the best massage table suppliers since 1975.

The only downside to this pregnancy cushion is that they are available in only two colors at the moment. That being said, both black and teal color work well with most home décor.

Pregnancy pillow, also called as a “maternity pillow” must be chosen based on the unique requirements of one’s body.

Hopefully, this monster guide might have helped you with most of the important aspects surrounding pregnancy pillows.Since pregnancy and comfort goes hand in hand, pregnancy pillows are a must to own.

Loads of pregnant woman out there have noticed a big difference in their life after using these pregnancy pillows. So, make the right choice so that you do not face any challenges while sleeping.

After all, purchasing the right pregnancy pillow will ensure that you retain the right body position while sleeping without exerting any pressure on your body.

How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow During Pregnancy

A pregnancy pillow is definitely the best investment a pregnant woman can make. If you are suffering from back pain and even ankle pain, it’s possible to find a pillow to help you feel more comfortable while you sleep.

It may be mind boggling to determine which pillow you need and learning how to use a pregnancy pillow during pregnancy the right way can be equally confusing, so here are some helpful guidelines and tips.

How to Use A Pregnancy Pillow

When you are learning how to use a pregnancy pillow during pregnancy it’s important to remember not every pregnancy pillow has the same quality, materials, or design.

How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow During Pregnancy

  1. Pregnancy pillows are often designed with different uses in mind.
  2. Determining what type of pillow you need is reliant on what causes you discomfort.
  3. Research is key to make sure you purchase the correct pregnancy pillow that will solve your sleeping troubles.
  4. One of the first steps in knowing how to use a pregnancy pillow during pregnancy is to find a pillow that meets your needs.
  5. Here are a few steps to help you understand what pillow is best for you and how to use a pregnancy pillow during pregnancy.

STEP 1 – Determine what is causing you the most discomfort

By learning how to use a pregnancy pillow during pregnancy correctly you will soon find them helping you to relieve ankle, knee, tummy, back, and shoulder and neck pain.

So one of the first things you should do is to figure out what is causing you discomfort. It’s important to know which area is triggering your discomfort and why, as non-sleep issues may also be the cause.

STEP 2 – Determine which type of pregnancy pillow you need

How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow During Pregnancy

Once you have determined what is causing you discomfort you can determine what type of pregnancy pillow you will need.

There are various types of pregnancy pillows with some being specifically designed for a distinct type of discomfort, and others are developed to help relieve several other aches and problems at the same time.

Some of the most common pregnancy pillows that are used during pregnancy to help with aches and pains are, wedge pillows, the more traditional body-length and curved pregnancy pillows, such as a U shaped or C shaped pillow.

Each pillow will help target relief in certain areas if you know how to use a pregnancy pillow during pregnancy correctly.

STEP 3 – Learn how to use a pregnancy body pillow during pregnancy

Wedge Pillow

Making sure you know how to use a pregnancy pillow during pregnancy appropriately is just as important as finding a pillow that meets your needs and tastes.

The wedge pillow for example is one of the most affordable pregnancy pillows and can be used several ways to help relieve back and hip pain by placing it under your tummy and can even help to keep you upright if you are suffering from heart burn and reflux, by placing it under your head.

By knowing how to use a pregnancy body pillow during pregnancy such as the wedge pillow you can definitely make the most of your money and help relieve some of the aches and pains that come with pregnancy.

Body-length Pillow

Body-length pillows are another great option, as they run the length of your body, also known as body pillows.

They may be soft and comfy to cuddle but do offer slightly less support for your back unless you know how to use a pregnancy pillow during pregnancy such as the body pillow the right way.

Flexible Full-length Pillow

A flexible full length pregnancy pillow is the better option compared to a straight full length pillow.

As the name suggests it is flexible so it will effortlessly contour to the shape of your body, making it easier to find a comfortable position to sleep in.

It is extremely important to know how to use a pregnancy body pillow during pregnancy because using any full-length pillow the wrong way will actually cause you more discomfort than relief.

U Shaped and C Shaped Pillows

U shaped and C shaped pillows have also proven to be very accommodating in helping to relieve all sorts of body aches.

Both pillows are designed to wrap around your body, not too dissimilar to the full-length body pillows.

The U shaped pillow offers support from both sides of your body and are used by women who used to prefer sleeping on their backs but can no longer manage to due to being too uncomfortable.

The C shaped pillow, is much like the U shaped pillow and also offers support to your neck, back and legsif you know how to use the pregnancy pillow during pregnancy correctly

The C shaped pillow is designed to be used in a riding-like position, whereas the U shaped pillow is more so designed to be straddled.

Placing the base between your legs, and the top underneath your head is how to use the pregnancy pillow during pregnancy such as the C shaped pillow correctly.