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Earthlite Pregnancy Cushion 2020 Reviews

Earthlite Pregnancy Cushion

Get Ready For Tension-free, Soothing Massages While You Relax In Earthlite Pregnancy Cushion

When you know that a little bundle of joy is about to come into your life, your mind deals with a lot of emotions. It is a mix of happiness, anxiety, tiredness, and a lot more. When your body wants to rest, then our mind keeps wondering about so many things. Pregnant women go through a roller-coaster of feelings, but amidst all this, you need to relax and take complete rest.

During pregnancy, a woman gains a lot of bodyweights and other internal changes make one feel tired. Your sleeping or lying becomes uncomfortable due to your belly and also due to the position of the baby inside. So, it is very important to make the body comfortable while sleeping, massaging, and resting. Massages during pregnancy is a great relief for the body, but sometimes we tend to wonder about the right position. Earthlite Pregnancy Cushion is here to make your pregnancy a little more comfortable.

Earthlite Pregnancy Cushion

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Earthlite Pregnancy Cushion 2020 Review

This is a support cushion, which can be used during all stages of pregnancy for sitting, lying, and massages. This is not only useful during pregnancy, but also for patients who have undergone breast surgery or with a back pain problem. This is a very good purchase for spa and massage professions, chiropractors, physical therapists due to its structure, which is built for healing professionals.

The Dimensions:

The product includes a filler plug and comes with a 1-year warranty. It is 41” in length, 21” in width, with head support of 14” and 8” in height.

The belly pocket is 17” long and 15” wide and the best one is 7” each. The entire packaged product is 42.3” by 24.1” by 11 “ and weighs 14.8 pounds in total.

The Pros:

This product can be used at home and at the spa or massage parlor as well. It is effective because it can help you rest your pregnant belly as well as heavy breasts into the dedicated pockets and rest in a relaxing position, without worries of hurting your stomach.

This has been proved to be very useful for massage therapists, while they are servicing pregnant clients. The structure enables them to fit the pregnant clients into this and provide a soothing massage with no worries of hurting them in the wrong places.

Patients with back surgery, also find it useful to minimize movements yet relax in a comfortable position. The advantages of the product can be listed as:


  • It can be easily moved or adjusted, even by a pregnant lady
  • This can be used in the house, so getting massages in the comfort of the house is a good thing, especially during pregnancy
  • The belly pocket supports the big stomach without stressing a lot on the back
  • It is useful for people with shorter built too
  • It is also good for people with a large stomach or chest, especially during massage
  • It can be easily passed on to someone else after use

Video Review of the Earthlite Pregnancy Cushion

The Cons:

Every product has areas of improvement and so does Earthlite Pregnancy Cushion. Though customers have liked this in every aspect, but some of the things that they did not like about the product are:

  • The smell of the material is not so good and can be un-comfortable for pregnant women; it does not have a separate coverage to ease the smell or which can be easily taken off and cleaned
  • The breast pockets are just a standard size, however, it can be a large pocket with adjustable cups to suit different sizes
  • Extra pillows need to be added to the sides to keep the entire body at the level and reduce the curve
  • If this is laid on the bed (in the absence of a massage table), the face opening becomes useless as it gets blocked and the depth is also short.
  • Its usability and carrying it outdoors still needs to be properly validated

The Final Verdict:


Earthlite Pregnancy Cushion

The product has received good reviews with rating 3 and above. Around 83% of the users have given a higher rating and most consumers have liked the product. There has hardly been any problem with the product for return or refund. It is a good buy for pregnant women as well as people who had undergone back surgery.

After you have used it, you can easily pass it on to another pregnant woman, if it is in good condition. This is surely a useful purchase and can be used repeatedly for comfortable postures. Overall, it is a nice product, with little scope for improvement.

The Earthlite Pregnancy Cushion is readily available at It is priced competitively at a discounted price of $260.57 for the black one and $290.12 for the teal one. Amazon provides free shipping all over the US. Currently, this product is not available for international shipping.

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