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J Shaped- Premium Contoured Body Pregnancy Pillow with Zippered Cover

J Shaped- Premium Contoured Body Pregnancy Pillow with Zippered Cover

Review of J Shaped- Premium Contoured Body Pregnancy Pillow with Zippered Cover – A Must have for Pregnant Women.

Pregnancy is exhausting and if you’re currently pregnant or have been in the past, you’ll easily be able to relate to this testament. Sometimes at the end of a long day you just want to collapse into a heap of comfort. However, finding comfort as a pregnant woman is not an easy job, that’s for sure.

This J Shaped- Premium Contoured Body Pregnancy Pillow with Zippered Cover may sound complex but it does a pretty simple job, gives pregnant women a comfortable way to rest, whilst also bringing with it a number of health benefits for you and your baby throughout the pregnancy.

Features of J Shaped- Premium Contoured Body Pregnancy Pillow with Zippered Cover

J Shaped- Premium Contoured Body Pregnancy Pillow with Zippered Cover

As is already pretty obvious, this product is a huge pillow. It’s designed with contoured shaping in order to provide maximum comfort for pregnant women. It also wraps through the legs in order to provide comfort for the whole body and not just the back.

That being said, the main purpose behind this pillow isn’t designed to provide comfort however. It’s unique design and shape has been created with a mind set to support the back and belly, two areas that need support during the pregnancy process.

The pillow’s back support is designed to prevent sciatica and general lower back pain. As aforementioned, the pillow also tucks between the knees in order to help with back pain and control the body’s temperature. The product is generally designed to deal with the pitfalls of pregnancy.

The package includes one pillow and a removable zippered protector, meaning that your pillow won’t get dirty and harbor germs whilst you’re not using it. It’s important for pregnant women not to come into contact with such germs.

There’s no need to worry about the J Shaped pillow fitting into your home’s design either. It’s available in a number of colors, including white, burgundy, chocolate and grey.

This means you can easily stick the pillow in your living room and it won’t look out of place. This pillow offers the whole works, it looks great and provides fantastic health benefits.

Coming in at a size of 60”L x 27”W x 7”H, the J Shaped premium contoured body pillow won’t take up too much of your precious space either. At this size, you’ll be able to pack it in the car for trips away and generally take it wherever you go.

Combats Various Problems

J Shaped- Premium Contoured Body Pregnancy Pillow with Zippered Cover

It is truly no secret that pregnant women will suffer from an assortment of problems. Typically, they’ll face extreme back pain and heartburn. These problems can get so bad that they’ll become almost debilitating. At the same time, the pain will ultimately keep you aware throughout the night.

With this in mind, you should look for ways to overcome these problems once and for all. Investing in a good pregnancy pillow will definitely help. With one of these products, you’ll be able to better support your body, while simultaneously taking pressure off of your back and joints.

Suffice to say, using the Web Linens J Shaped Premium Body Pillow will help to reduce your pain, while also allowing you to overcome stomach issues.

Maximum Reassurance

When it comes down to it, pregnancy pillows can be expensive. Therefore, it is essential to choose a product that will be well worth its price tag. This is why you should consider investing in the Web Linens Body Pillow. This company is totally committed to the customer’s satisfaction and happiness. This is why they offer a money back guarantee on most of their pillows. With the J Shaped Premium Pillow, you will have a span of 30 days to return it for a refund. Even better is the fact that the company will ask no questions!

The Zippered Protector

Before making a decision, you should take the time to make sure your pillow of choice is going to last for many years to come. This is why durability will be very important. Nonetheless, pillows are somewhat fragile. If the pillow gets wet, it is going to need to be thrown out. Of course, you can prevent this from happening by investing in the Web Linens J Shaped Pillow.

This pillow comes with a zippered protector. This cover will protect the pillows itself from messes, while also making the maintenance requirements far easier. When the cover gets dirty, you can always throw it in the washer and restore it to perfection. This greatly extends the longevity of the pillow, while making it so much more valuable.

Suitable For All Different Types Of Sleepers

Each consumer is unique. Some will prefer sleeping on their back, while others will like sleeping on their side. And then, there will be some people that like sleeping on their stomach. This is why it is essential to choose a pillow that will be able to accommodate everyone. Versatility is pertinent. The good news is that the J Shaped Premium Pregnancy Pillow excels in this specific category. The unique J-shape helps to guarantee that this product will work exceptionally well in a variety of sleeping positions.

Also, you will find it easy to switch from back to one side or the other. You will not need to move the pillow to make the switch.

Various Colors

If you’re picky in terms of aesthetics and looks, you’ll love the J Shaped Pillow. This specific product is available in four unique colors and therefore it should be able to satisfy all pregnant women. More importantly, you’ll easily be able to find a pillow that fits your home’s interior design scheme.


The pros of using this product are the following:

  • This contoured body pillow isn’t just designed to do one job. It’s designed to provide support for several key areas of the body and prevent pregnancy issues.
  • Its natural shape fits the shape of your body, meaning it provides maximum comfort to the user.
  • The product looks absolutely fantastic and is available in a good range of colours, meaning it can fit comfortably into the design of any home.
  • Space efficient at 60”L x 27”W x 7”H in size and can also be transported anywhere.


The cons of using this product are the following:

  • The pillow is only available in one size, meaning that it might not be well suited to larger or smaller ladies.
  • Might be a little bit expensive for some people, but many more people claim that it is more than worth the price.


In conclusion, you’re likely already aware that comfort is a luxury that’s hard to come by as a pregnant woman. However, the J Shaped- Premium Contoured Body Pregnancy Pillow with Zippered Cover is the closest you’ll come to comfort during the pregnancy process. What’s more, it includes a number of incredibly valuable health benefits for your body.

During a pregnancy, yours and your baby’s health is of paramount importance. If you’re looking for a comfortable product that provides good health benefits too, you can’t go far wrong with this pillow.

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