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PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow 2017 Review

PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow

PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow Review – The World’s MOST Comfortable Maternity/Pregnancy Pillow – Snug Cushion With Zipper!

Rest and sufficient sleep is essential when one is expecting. An increase in hormones, weight, extended tummy and swelling can cause us to have interrupted sleep at night making you wake up tired, grumpy and uncomfortable.

The PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow is a J-shaped pillow and a wonderful solution to your lack of sleep.  It will be supporting you neck, back and neck unlike no other pillow has done before.

PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow

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This maternity pillow however, will serve you well even after pregnancy. When nursing, this pillow provides the support and comfort you need not only for yourself but for baby as well. You need only one pillow during pregnancy and post pregnancy for ultimate comfort.

Nursing mothers can drape the pillow around their neck, creating a soft space ideally suited for the baby while they drink.

PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow Features

  • Made from snuggly soft materials

This pillow was specially created with chemical free soft polyester.  It contains no toxic chemicals which are commonly found in the manufacturing of polyester, and is certified free of lead, phthalate, latex and BPA’s.  You will never find harmful chemicals in PharmMeDoc products. The material of the bundled pillow case is also easy to clean and dries quickly

  • The size

This pillow was designed to absorb and withstand greater weight than other pillows.  During pregnancy your weight increases over time and other pillows tend to get saggy, flat and lose its comfort.  This one will not let you down.  This pillow is also not limited to pregnancy.

This pillow can surely help any person for that matter get a wonderful night’s sleep no matter who you are. During winter times, this pillow comes in especially handy as it can keep you warm and snuggled up.

  • Specially designed J shape

A lot of thought went into the design process of this pillow and it was found that the unique J shape is the perfect one. This pillow follows the contours of your body from the top to bottom, supporting you from head to toe, your neck, back, hips and even your knees are supported.

Whether you cuddle, hug or cradle this pillow, it remains comfortable at all times and gives a cooling effect as well as helps soothe and relieve general body aches and pains which is commonly associated with pregnancy or old age.

  • Pregnancy Pillow

PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow

This pillow proves perfect during pregnancy.  It not only allows for soft cushioning exactly where you need it, but lets you sleep deeply and comfortably without the discomfort of your increased weight, sore neck, painful back and aching tummy.

It comes in especially handy for supporting your back, keeping in some of the heat your body generates. This will result in you waking up refreshed in the morning instead of feeling like a train has just ran you over.

  • Entire body coverage

Because of the PharMeDoc Total Body Pregnancy pillows unique J shape design, it allows for coverage of every part of your body, from the top to the bottom.

Your neck and shoulder relaxes when you lay your body down on the pillow, straightening your spine and relieving the aches and pains from carrying around your growing belly. Your hips, legs and thighs are well covered and protected as the pillow runs down to your feet.

  • Space saving storage

This pillow fold up to nothing more than a warm blanket. It is light enough to be carried around comfortably and big enough to support your body. It also has the added advantage of not moving around the bed since it has enough solid weight to stay put.

The pillow is also fully compatible with large vacuum seal bags making storage of this pillow for extended periods easy.

Normally storing blanket becomes an exercise in engineering but fortunately for the person having to deal with stowing the pillow it can be put away without much difficulty.

  • Removable zip cover

The storage bag for your pillow is made from cotton fabric.  It’s a machine washable cover and is almost seamless.  Taking out and putting away your pillow is easy and problem free, so you could travel with it almost anywhere.

It also has the added advantage of being rather light for such a big pillow weighing in at about 7 pounds. For pregnant women, this has the added advantage of still being able to handle and carry the pillow by your own, which is not always the case with pregnancy pillows.

Listing the pros and cons of this pregnancy pillow had been really difficult for us as we had to think really long and hard to actually find a con.

One of our office workers saw the pillow when it had been delivered and casually came by the next day remarking that her husband said no to her buying a pillow, stating that he could no longer snuggle up against her if she uses it. So in our eureka moment we decided to list this as the only con we could find.

What are the pro’s of PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow

PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow

This versatile pillow can be used even after your baby is born. Once you get used to the comfort this pillow provides, you will want to use it every day, not just during pregnancy. With the stress of caring for a newborn and the loss of energy and sleep, one needs all the rest and relaxation one can get.

This pillow will help send you off to dreamland sooner rather than later and have you waking up refreshed. It keeps you warm, snuggled up and comfortable.Another excellent benefit to this pillow is the fact that so many different sleeves are available for it, making it a décor item as well as a functional item.

This pillow has no size or weight limit.  Whatever you weight and height, any person can utilize this pillow.  It’s dimensions of 60 x 24 x 7 inches means that anyone can use it and benefit from it, big or small.

Larger people often tend to have difficulty propping up their legs for a comfortable sleep. This pillow will easily fit in between your knees while still keeping your head supported.

You will also not suffer the faith of the toss and turner that constantly wake up with no cushions to support your body since the pillow is heavy enough to stay put.

Satisfaction is 100% guaranteedPharMeDoc has given the all clear to all its dealers and distributors that they may replace free of charge, no questions asked, any pillow which a customer may not be totally satisfied with.  That is fair right? Definitely so.

It can be easily seen that the manufacturer values its customers and prefers to built a lasting relation instead of just being some fly-by-night company.

Social investment can be seen as being one of the company’s top priorities. The company also has a fair deal of dealers throughout and can also be found online, which makes it that much more easier to recommend to other people.

PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow

Unfortunately we had to find a con, but fortunately for our relaxed and stress-free brains and bodies our co-worker proposed the only con we could find.

Because this pillow is large in size, it may sometimes overcrowd a smaller bed especially if two persons are sleeping in the bed together.

However, a queen and king-size bed is the perfect size for if you are using this pillow. Should your partner like sleeping close to you, they are going to be in for a tough time as this pillow will take up your entire backside, effectively preventing your partner from laying against your back.

Something that we did find odd though is that the manufacturer did not include a spare pillowcase bundled with the pillow.

Not everyone wants to still buy extra accessories after a purchase. However when washing day came, it had been a breeze to wash and dried out easily, ready for using the next night.

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