The Schmoozi Pregnancy Pillow With Innovative Back Support

The Schmoozi Pregnancy Pillow With Innovative Back Support and Total Body Comfort – Great For Expecting Mothers and Low Back Pain Sufferers Alike.

The Schmoozi is one of the Top Rated body pillow For Maternity and Side Sleeping – It Keeps You On Your Side To Help Prevent Snoring and Acid Reflux Heartburn.

The Schmoozi Pregnancy Pillow With Innovative Back Support and Total Body Comfort


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  • Not bulky – Takes less space
  • Full comfort for body and back
  • Firm to provide Support
  • Soft Cushion Material
  • Keeps Your Body Cool


  • Hard to switch sides
  • Not available in colours
  • Not snuggle friendly

Short Report on The Schmoozi Pregnancy Pillow

The nine months of pregnancy is a hard time to sleep with constant trips to the bathroom and heart burns. It is also common advice for pregnant women to sleep on the left side to keep the baby from making you uncomfortable while sleeping.

Sleeping on the left also makes your digestive enzymes flow in a good direction helping you with the constant heart burn sensation that is there during pregnancy days.

The Schmoozi Pregnancy Pillow is a complete one stop solution for all your sleeping problems. It has an innovative back support and total body comfort logic which helps you take up some real rest filled sleep hours. Get rid of insomnia with Schmoozi pillow in all happy terms now!

So What Is Special About Schmoozi Pillow?

The Schmoozi Pregnancy Pillow With Innovative Back Support and Total Body Comfort


Compared to the other pregnancy pillows available in market, the Schmoozi pillows are a superior cult of pillows for its array of features that are cooler than the ones available in the market.

The top best features are:

Heat Tolerant

The pillows are designed for pregnant women and those who suffer from back pain ailments. Usually the normal pillows are rough for people.

They generate a lot of heat too. In pregnancy, the body temperature is usually elevated due to many reasons. Unlike usual pillows, Schmoozi does not let you sweat in your sleep. It has a soft cooling fabric that helps you enjoy sleep

Comfortable Downright

The pillows are perfect for any woman or man of any size. Although the structure of the pillow looks small, it is a perfect option for the growing tummy of a mom to be. It accommodates any one and lets them sleep in comfort

Takes Up Less Space

Worry not if you fear your pregnancy pillow will push your hubby to the wall to sleep. The Schmoozi Pillows are not bulky and take up very less space compared to the usual pillows. If you had been using normal pillows till date, these special pillows will reduce your usual four pillows to one.

Head Rest Can Be Your Own

Usually, the head region will have a pillow in pregnancy pillows making it uncomfortable for your arms. Many women complain of increased problems.

This pillow is unique as you can use your own head rest pillow and there is lot of space for your arms to be kept comfortably.

They Stay In Place

Schmoozi pillows do not move away as you sleep. They accommodate your body movements and let you sleep in peace.

You can wake up as fresh as a daisy from your sleep. It is beneficial for your growing baby if you manage to sleep without rolling over.

What Could Be Improvised?

The Schmoozi Pregnancy Pillow With Innovative Back Support and Total Body Comfort

Although The Schmoozi pregnancy pillow is the best of the lot, there could be a few improvements to the pillow.

Colours – Only white is available. White tends to gets dirty easily. One simple solution is you could make a pillow cover yourself, but it could be time consuming. Pillow covers are not commonly available in markets easily.

Not For People Who Roll Over In Sleep – It could be very difficult for non pregnant people to sleep one side all night long.

It takes time to switch sides and it could rob of sleep time to a considerable level. Drifting back to sleep once interrupted is not very easy for most women and men alike

Not Snuggle Friendly – If you are used to snuggling your spouse in sleep, using this could be annoying as it takes up a lot of snuggle space between you two.

Who All Can Use It?

Not just for pregnant women, though they are the target audience of this Schmoozi Pregnancy Pillows, They can be used for people with back pain problems.

Ailments such as heart burn are proven to reduce with side sleeping using the pillow. Snorers have stopped snoring while using the pillow. Hital Hernia and Acid reflex is also notably reduced.

Bottom line

Over all, it is the best pick if you are planning on a comfortable sleep pattern during your pregnancy or back pain riddled days.

Most people who have bought it have felt that it is worth the money spent. The return policy is attractive. If you don’t like it, you can return it within 90 days! After all, lucky are those who can sleep in comfort!

In A Nut Shell

Pack ContainsPregnancy Pillow with cover
Shipping Weight4.2 pounds
OriginMade In USA
Warranty90 Night Sleep Guarantee (Can be returned with no questions asked if you are not comfortable)

5 year limited warranty

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