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Worst Places For Toddler to throw a Tantrum

Worst Places For Toddler to throw a Tantrum

Worst Places For Toddler to throw a Tantrum: Not that there is a good place or time for your toddler to throw a tantrum, but some places are just worse than others.

At times it can just be downright embarrassing, especially if you actually took your toddler there in the first place so they can play and enjoy themselves. We need to keep in mind that tantrums is a typical stage of child development.

Worst Places For Toddler to throw a Tantrum

A toddler would have an intense desire to do certain things, but his mental and motor skills have developed quicker than his ability to communicate and reason.The knowledge of knowing that you are not alone in this should make it a little more bearable.

Worst Places For Toddler to throw a Tantrum

A few favourite spots that left many parent red faced trough the years had been the following

Attending their very own birthday party. Although it is pretty common for a toddler or two to have a meltdown when there are a few of them playing together, your toddler’s own birthday party is pretty embarrassing especially when its in plain view of all the other parents.

One would think that having him or her at the centre of attention would be enough, but sometimes not even this is the case.

Worst Places For Toddler to throw a Tantrum

Another favourite spot would be the gymboree. This playground,  having every surface climbable and accessible will definitely allow your toddler to be having the time of his or her life. There are probably also loads of toys to go around, yet the only one your child wants is the one the other child found first.

Likely the most dreaded place your child can have their tantrum would be that all important interview with the headmaster at that sought after private school you are applying for.

You know, just when you were about to say what a well behaved angel you have and how you have never experienced problems with their behavior, you get a tug on your pants and a little voice whispers that they want to play outside.

You put on your best smile and firmly say no. Suddenly the look on their angelic face changes and all hell breaks loose.

You have been planning the trip for, what felt like ages. After months of anticipation,you are entering the gates of Disneyland, having looked forward to sharing this moment with your toddler forever.

Of course Disneyland is, lets call it notorious, for having anything and everything your child could ever want, up for sale.

Of course their favourite cartoon character is on display and with glee they rush towards it saying how much they want it.

Not wanting to be carrying a larger than life Frozen character around for a time frame bordering infinity, and probably beyond, you smile sweetly telling them to wait till the end. It is then you see that familiar facial expression telling you that the worst is about to come.

In the middle of your new parent educating class, after spending 6 intense weeks learning about the new meltdown-diffusing techniques you feel that And somehow you have just forgotten each one of those techniques while every one of the other parents are watching.

At your first social get together with all the other graduating moms at the new parent educating class, right after you spent 20 minutes telling them all how very handy and effective your 6 week parenting class has been. You suddenly hear a familiar high pitch scream.

Knowing the exact meaning, you rush outside only to find your child all red faced, standing not to far from another kid whose face is basking on terror.

There is a toy in his hand which you know does not belong to him. You turn around and by the look on mom number two’s face you know the other child is theirs and you wish the earth would swallow you.

During your interview with the new prospective babysitter right after you assured her that caring for your angel is as easy as a walk in the park. You coach your child to go closer and meet her. Not wanting to budge you decide to pick them up.

As you move closer to the babysitter they literally kick and scream. Unfortunately separation anxiety has kicked in it seems.

You probably don’t want to hear this right now but your child is only reflecting on your inner feeling. Can you really blame them for not wanting to talk to strangers?

Waiting to board your 6 hour flight at the airport after your toddler had just woken up from their hour long nap in the car on the way there. And what is worse than having your hot coffee kicked over onto your lap? Having it kicked over onto the lap of the guy sitting next to you.

In the car, on your way to hospital, while you are in labour. More than this need not be said

After a 2 hour drive because your kid heard from the neighbors kid about feeding the giraffes at the zoo, and its all he’s been talking about, you finally arrive at the zoo.

You spend 100$ on entrance fees and parking, when you realise that you left the packed lunch in your refrigerator and will now have to spend another 50$ on stale French fries and old chicken strips.

You wait an hour in line to pay for the food to feed to the giraffe, and when it finally is your turn to get to feed the giraffe, your child has a 4th degree tantrum because his sister pushed the button on the food dispenser and he didn’t get to, so now he doesn’t even want so see the giraffe anymore, and could not be bothered with feeding him either.

At the doctors rooms. You have been coaching them for a week now, telling them exactly what the doctor will be doing, and why he will be doing it.

Your child completely understand that the doctor will not be hurting them. All of a sudden the whole waiting area can hear those bloodcurdling cries when the pediatrician steps closer with the stethoscope.

During a phone interview. You realize its time for you to resume your career and your prospective new boss calls to have a telephonic interview with you. Suddenly a little voice tell you that they have to visit the toilet. At first you ignore them but they are getting louder.

You apologize and mute the phone, telling them how much they have done it alone in the past. But no, you have to come and knowing what you know, you can already see the first signs appearing on their cute little faces.

You are sitting at a wedding. As the entire church quiets down waiting for the bride and groom to start saying their vows, the tantrum begins.

As you get your toddler out of the church just in the nick of time, you realize that it really doesn’t matter because the open windows of a small church are simply not enough to keep the sounds of a screaming child out.

In the car on a long trip. Your child is safely buckled into their car seat and nothing can go wrong. Driving down the interstate, you suddenly hear a thud as something hits the floor of the car, being followed by the words “Mommy”.

You know how kids like to drop things, like sippycups, crisps and toys and you can’t quite reach it behind the seat because your arms aren’t long enough and you are supposed to be driving and minding the road? Well, let me tell you some of them will be making you wish you weren’t driving on a busy interstate, instead having been at home.

All places that senior citizens like to frequent. For every oh-so-sweet granny who is patient and caring and at least looks at you with an expression of sympathy, there are three crabby old people who are very happy to inform you that their own kids would never have tried such stunts.

You of course simply have to nod and smile while they are bringing down wave after wave of advice on what you should be doing, or even worse, telling you why you should have never come in the first place.

At the busy mall during holiday season. You have your handbag on one arm, parcels dangling from the other, all the time whilst trying to hold onto you toddlers hand. All the other kids are behaving like angels in anticipation of Santa bringing them presents, and yours left his manners at home.

You hear Santa grunt and mumble from under the beard. Thinking that he is probably hot you look at him with a thank you in your eyes. As you are looking at Santa you realize this is probably the tenth time he had been experiencing this today and the look in his eyes are telling you he has had it with tantrums and wants you to leave.

There are probably a lot more places that could be worse, but from what we have seen in our lives so far, these just took the cake.